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Control Your Diabetes Easily PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Diabetes is a common medical condition that affects millions of people around the world.  Adults and children, men and women can all develop diabetes.  The good news is, modern medicine and advanced understand has made it possible for more people to live comfortably with their diabetes.

The first step to controlling diabetes is to get the facts and fully understand the disease. If you have been diagnosed and want to learn how to control your diabetes, start by reading trusted resources and educating yourself as much as you possibly can.

Having diabetes means staying in close contact with your doctor.  You need to see him or her regularly to ensure that your current treatment regime is being properly administered, and is working effectively.  Diabetes can cause physical and neurological deterioration in other areas of the body, so it is important to have regular physical checkups to rule out other possible complications.

The best way to control your diabetes is by having regular glucose level checks.  Your doctor or clinic nurse will tell you how often to have your glucose levels tested.  Follow the schedule carefully, and be sure to take the appropriate medications as prescribed.

Diet and exercise are key factors in helping you to control your diabetes.  If you are a diabetic patient, your medical practitioner will give you dietary guidelines.  It's important to adhere strictly to these guidelines, especially in the initial treatment stages.  However, every patient's physiology can and will react differently.  For that reason, it can be helpful to perform your own dietary investigations.  DO NOT abandon your medical advice; rather, play close attention to your diet, and monitor your activities to establish which foods cause your greatest glucose level peaks and valleys.

As you research diabetes, you'll find a lot of conflicting advice regarding fats and carbohydrates.  The scientific fraternity is divided into more than two camps on the subject.  With only theories and no clear-cut evidence on the direct effect of carbohydrates and fats, it's difficult to know what advice to follow.  When you begin to take control of your diabetes, be sure to adhere to the dietary advice received from your doctor.  Use this advice as a baseline, and then experiment with caution.  This type of experimentation should always be done with the approval of a qualified medical practitioner.

Alcohol can aggravate diabetes, so it's best to restrict your alcohol intake to having a small amount with meals, or avoid alcohol altogether.  Additionally, some oral medications prescribed to control type 2 diabetes will react very adversely to alcohol consumption.  If you are being treated for type 2 diabetes, you should avoid alcoholic beverages.

High stress levels will also make diabetes worse.  Try introducing relaxation techniques into your everyday routine to increase your overall well being.  Stress increases many different hormone levels in your body, including adrenaline.  The hormone adrenaline prepares the body for fight or flight, and an important part of these preparations is the release of glucose from the muscles and liver.  This glucose is used as immediate energy. What your body cannot understand is that modern day stress levels are not usually induced by a physical threat, so these high levels of glucose are not required.  As a result, high stress plays havoc with glucose levels and can make it almost impossible to control diabetes. For this reason, it's essential that people with diabetes learn how to relax and reduce the stress in their daily lives.

Of course, diet also plays a very important part in how you control your diabetes.  You need to be committed to eating a healthy diet, but you will find that the good health rewards are well worth any dietary sacrifices you might make.  If you are looking for new recipes to support your diabetic regime, visit  On this site you'll find delicious appetizers, beverages, main courses and even desserts that can satisfy your cravings while helping you control your diabetes.

Taking steps to control your diabetes can be as easy as making a few lifestyle changes.  Eat right, keep your stress levels down, and follow your doctor's advice.  Your body, mind and spirit will all be better for it.
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